The Bratislava Symphony Orchestra

The Bratislava Symphony Orchestra picks up on the tradition of the orchestra by the same name which existed in Bratislava between the first and second World Wars, and wants to be the reference in Europe of the top level of the musicians in Bratislava.

The BSO was founded by the Spanish conductor David Hernando Rico in the year 2000 together with some of the best musicians in Bratislava, from this time to now the BSO conducted by David Hernando Rico have recorded more that 900 project of different kind of music, from classical to film music, but also my other styles like popmusic for commercials or music for video games.

Composers from all the world record with the BSO in Bratislava, great names like: Michel Legrand recorded with the BSO, and other world famous composers like Jean Michel Legrand, Hans Zimmer, Lorne Balfe, Brian TylerRoque Baños, Pascal Gaigne, chose our orchestra to record their works.

A complete team headed byDavid Hernando Rico, and integrated with excellent musicians, technicians and music editors all English speakers, allow to record any kind of music in a high level.