Studio 2 – recording equipement

 Studio 2 of the Slovak National Radio
Studio 2 is significantly smaller than studio 1 as it was originally designed for chamber music and folk ensemble recordings. The amount of wood on walls and floor gives this room a warmer, rounder and more intimate tone whilst retaining the ambience required for live acoustic recordings.
The sound is ideal for orchestras up to 65 players.

Studio 1 – Recording equipement

Pianos available Bösendorfer or Petrof
Microphone Preamps and convertors DAD AX32 and DAD DX32

analogue Mic/Line AD/DA/DD interface and router –

with 48 mic pre digital I/O and router

Digital mixing desk  Avid S6-M40 System – Modular control surface for

Pro Tools with 32 faders

Mutec iClock  clock syntehsizer and video reference generator
Recording and editing system DigiDesign Pro Tools HD
Protools HD 12
Audio systems Genelec 5.1 SAM system

3 x 1238AC – front channels

2 x 1237A – rear channels

2 x 7271 – subwoofers


Genelec 2.0 SAM

2 x 83330A – near field

Microphone list

Company Model Pics
Neumann TLM 50 3
M 149 2
TLM 170r 6
U 87i 6
U 47fet 2
KM 183 2
KM 184 6
TLM 49 2
TLM 67 4
USM-69i – stereo microphone 1
DPA 4006TL  5

On request is possible to get other recording equipment and microphones.
Please contact us for more information.