Studio 1 – recording equipement

Studio 1 of the Slovak National Radio in Bratislava

Studio 1, is ideally suited for large orchestral projects and its spacious stage easily accommodates 100 or more musicians and a large choir. The natural acoustic environment has a reverb time of just over 2 seconds.
The hall is being used for radio broadcasts and many classical recordings have been produced at this location since the mid 1980s. The Auditorium has 650 seats and adds to the spaciousness and character of the room.
There is a choice of two pianos: Steinway D or Petrof.

Studio 1 – Recording equipement

Microphone Preamps Millennia HV-3D 32 channels
Digital mixing desk Yamaha DM 2000 (2 pieces – cascade connection) 24 bit/96Hz, 96 canals
2 ascension DA cards 24 bit 96 kHz programmable fader start 24In/8out
5 cards in format of AES/EBU 8xIn/Out 96 kHz with a convertor of the sampling rate
Digital effect and mastering processor TC Electronic system M600/5.1
8xAES/EBU In/Out with the license Surround MD-5.1
UNWRAP (the transmission of the stereo signal till 5.1)
ENGANGE (transmission of the format 5.1 to 2 canals)
Recording and editing system Avid Pro Tools HDX 2 v. 10.3.6
Apogee convertors: 2 pieces AD-16X + 2 Digidesign io 192
48 canals analogues In/Out
MIDI interface 8 In/Out
Power MaC G5
Flat monitor 20° ADC – 2 times
SW Waves Gold TDM Bundle (set of plug in moduls)
SW for burning-in of CD/DVD and audio mastering
Audio systems  
Dinaudio Air-20 3 units, Air-15 2 units, Air Bass-2  for Surround 5.1
R-DAT Sony PCM R700 (2 units)

Microphone list

Company Model Pics
Neumann TLM 50 3
M 149 2
TLM 170r 6
U 87i 6
U 47fet 2
KM 183 4
KM 184 8
TLM 49 2
TLM 67 4
USM 69i – stereo microphone 1
Schoeps CMC 5U – MK4 6
Sony C-48 4
DPA 4006TL 7

On request is possible to get other recording equipment and microphones.