The Symphony Orchestra for your recording project

Studio - BSO
Since its creation the Bratislava Symphony Orchestra has aimed to work as a modern orchestra. In addition to being known as a symphonic orchestra, BSO has also made a name for itself recording pop music, cinema soundtracks and video game music. World renown companies such as Warner, Sony, Universal, Columbia Pictures, Filmmax, Future Films and EA Games have completed projects here.

At BSO we have the flexibility of providing our clients with the orchestra formation best suited to their needs, from a small string orchestra to a big orchestral sound. This also includes selecting the best musicians for the type of production required, whether it would be pop, classical or film music.

We are continously improving our recording equipement, at this moment we have a top equipement with the best microphones, microphones, and preamps. All the detailed information about our equipement is in the especification of every studio.